Welcome to the Urbaneye Project
On the Threshold to Urban Panopticon?

For more than four decades we witness the proliferation of video surveillance (closed circuit television - CCTV) in Europe. During the 1990s its presence exploded in public accessible space in many European countries. It is this common trend which the URBANEYE project addresses.

It is a comparative research project analysing the employment of CCTV in public accessible space in Europe which shall assess its social effects and political impacts in order to finally outline strategies for its regulation.

The URBANEYE project was realised by a multidisciplinary team assembling criminologists, philosophers, political scientists, sociologists and urban geographers from six countries. It was co-ordinated by the Centre of Technology and Society at the Technical University of Berlin. Its overall duration was 30 months and the Final Report was submitted in August 2004.

The research is supported by the European Commission as part of the Key Action "Improving the Socio-Economic Knowledge Base" within the Fifth Framework Programme. However, the content of this website does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission regarding these issues.